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Best Places To Use Limestone

1- Flooring:

Limestone flooring is incredibly durable so it can be a great pick for flooring. It comes as limestone tiles, slabs, and pavers, and is available in a range of finishes. The various colors, patterns, and tones of Limestone are very unique and diverse which creates a timeless appearance to any floor.


Limestone is an ideal choice for a feature wall, it adds beauty as well as elegance to any wall and is never out of fashion with its distinguished colors. So you won’t need to paint the wall because it comes in different colors and different finishes and requires minimum maintenance.

3- Stairs:

Limestone is an excellent choice for outdoor and indoor stairs, the edges of limestone can be supplied into rounded steps which provides safety to the stairs as well as adding value to your property.


If you want to create a beautiful walkway through your yard you should consider adding limestone. Limestone is good for landscaping and flooring outdoors because it has a rough finish which makes it more highly textured and thus less slippery in the rain.

Limestone is a great choice for your bathroom or a wet room. The stone can’t be damaged by moisture and it is one of the easiest floors to clean, so you don’t have to worry about dust or spilling anything on it.

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