5 Tips On How To Clean Limestone

Limestone is one of the easiest stones to clean, making it a great choice for kitchen countertops, bathroom tiles and flooring indoors and out.

1) Limestone is an acid sensitive material so it can be damaged by the strong chemicals in harsh cleaners. So Warm water with two or three tablespoons of soap is all you need to clean limestone.

2)You can rinse any rough limestone finish and it will dry naturally, but finishes such as honed or polished needs to be hand-dried to avoid any watermarks. 

3)To prevent dirt from building up in the small crevasses in the stone, steam cleaning is an option that will quickly get the job done. 

4)An occasional deep clean may also be necessary. Sweep or vacuum the floor to remove dust and loose dirt so you can maintain a hygienic environment and a tile’s aesthetic. If staining is still present on a floor that has been deep cleaned, we recommend use of a specialist treatment.

5)To protect limestone from dirt, dust, mold, and water you need to reapply the sealant if you notice that it’s starting to wear off. Once the sealer is applied, allow it to dry completely. Once it is dry, your tile will be protected.

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