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5 Places To Use Crazy Paving

Crazy paving is also known as flagstone paving or random paving, is a type of natural stone paving that originated in Ancient Rome.

It’s done by laying Paving, irregularly shaped stones in a haphazard pattern to create a unique and visually appealing look.

Unlike most stone paving where the pavers are laid in a geometric grid style. A crazy paving design uses naturally broken stones, and it has no clear geometric grid or pattern.

5 Places To Use Crazy Paving: 

1.Outdoor Space Flooring:

Crazy Pave flooring is the perfect addition to your outdoor space. You can get creative with your choice of tiles and make this idea your own.


A crazy paved approach leading to the front door of a conventional or modern home will provide a statement entrance.


Crazy Pavers provide an excellent grip to people coming out of the pool because they have natural slip resistance. 


Using crazy pavers in a fireplace can add warmth and character. So crazy paving is an incredible feature to any fireplace.


Crazy Paving is great to incorporate in wet areas because it can’t be damaged by moisture.

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